Bada binge stranger things

It took me 24 hours, I got 2 hours sleep and as you can see I had a lot of feelings hahahaha.
Stranger Things is an American supernatural science fiction horror web television.
The widely recognized film and television review website Rotten Tomatoes scored the pokerschool intellipoker show at a very impressive 95 percent, summarizing it as exciting, heartbreaking, and sometimes scary.Celebrity dog Doug the Pug puts his acting chops to the test, playing every single Stranger Things character yes, including Barb in a spoof of the Netflix series.As with many popular Netflix series, and since it only spanned eight episodes, a lot of people binge-watched the whole first season in one sitting, judging by social media reaction.She also proved to be a brilliant casting decision in regards to the 1980s setting, since she was so widely known for her roles in 80s films such as Beetlejuice and Heathers.I really did not know what to expect whilst queuing at the Tower Hill docks at 7pm on that Thursday evening but what a night it was.They also were invited to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and visited Louis Vuittons headquarters in Paris to chat with the house director there about a possible fashion project.Sounds pretty cool right?Stranger Things was watched by nearly 14 million users, making it Netflixs third-most-watched season series among its original content, all attained within the first 35 days of its release.It can offer you weird and wonderful experiences during your time here.Once our viewing pleasures had been fulfilled with two episodes of Stranger Things we were offered the chance to head back down to the bottom deck to chat to the other guests on the boat over another chilled beer, which led to many more chilled.Long story long, I have recently been speaking with Three UK and when they offered for myself and a plus one to jump on to a Stranger Things themed Streamliner, I couldnt say.
Once the drinks were flowing and you had picked up your usual cinema treats, we were guided to the top deck where we found a huge blow up screen ready to watch Stranger Things whilst casually cruising past some.
Stranger Things is a Netflix original mystery-thriller, set in a small Indiana town in the early 1980s.
You may have seen a few weeks back and all over my social media pages that I went on a pretty rad boat down the Thames thanks to the people over at Three UK (this is not a paid endorsement) to celebrate the launch.
This is what London is all about!
Over the summer, Netflix released a hit new series that captured the interest of many.The fresh child stars have been receiving attention from all sorts of big names.The shows hype only grew when fans began to rave about the show online, tweeting and posting about how great the show was and that everyone should be watching.Binge watching stranger things 2!And you can look forward to even more Stranger Things the real thing in 2017, with Netflix having renewed the hit series for a second season last week.Stranger things marathon: 24 hours, 2 seasons, 1 girl.On entry to the boat you came across the forever menacing Eleven and the town Sheriff (who throughout this article and the short vlog I created below, became a true icon of the night).We are The Dale Tribe a family of 6 that live in the mountains.The young talent was so beloved this summer the young cast members were invited to this years Emmy Awards, giving interviews on the red carpet and riding their bikes on the floor during one of host Jimmy Kimmels skits, handing out sack lunches to all.I have AN addiction!While watching the kids on screen, and it may have been the youthful camaraderie between them that gives viewers a sense of relatability.