Before the storm bonus episode worth it

The recording reveals a message from an even younger Chloe and Max to their future selves.
If Max says, "You're insane." Chloe will reply with, "You say that like it's a bad thing.
Time to return one last time Previous: m/watch?Finally, take the stack of books from the bookshelf in the landing, and Max will finally be able to climb up into the attic.You'll have the option to take a photo.Technically a bonus episode, Max and Chloe go on a pirate.You'll be asked to make another choice: Tell her poke bowl lidl now.Once you've looked around and interacted with anything, everything or nothing, walk over to the phone and look.You'll need to move the blue crate in the broom closet underneath the hatch, and after another try, Max will find she's still too short to reach.A young Chloe and Max will appear in the scene before they crouch to the floor, and as Chloe is about to light the firecracker, Max voices her concerns about how Chloe's mum will notice a hole in the floor.There's a moment of pause as the wire reaches the firecracker, and then explodes, sending limbs of singed dolls all over the room.After looking through the sketchbook they both used during their pirate phase, Max finds that one of the pages has been ripped out.
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Chloe says she doesn't want her parents hearing the voice mail, but Max breaks it to her that her parents already know because of the emails.
As soon as you do, Chloe will notice Max watching her from the attic and call her a "creeper" for.
After a small choice, Chloe tapes the amulet onto the telescope before handing it over to Max so she can be led to the treasure.
They finally take out their original time capsule and open that bad boy up, revealing all sorts of items inside that you can inspect after the scene.#Photo 1, during the search for the map, Max can take a photo of Chloe by herself in the mirror or take a photo of both her and Chloe in the mirror.If you choose to say nothing, Max will decide to give her some space and try to get her to talk later.If you choose to push further, Chloe will tell Max how she doesn't like fake people, and that she thinks Max is real.This will prompt you with two choices: Share your feelings.Chloe will find a voice recording from Max in her room.The objects being: boyband trading cards that can be found in a desk drawer next to Chloe's closet, a board game found in the shelves next to Chloe's bed, a magic trick collection found in the desk on the other side of Chloe's bed, "Mr.Once it's moved, walk towards the gap it was blocking and left click to squeeze through.Price House (Downstairs) - Bonus #Photo 3, before bringing the amulet to Chloe, you can ask her to strike a pose on the swingset before snapping the third photo.If you've checked all of the items from the time capsule, go over and speak to Chloe again.Max will try to reach for the latch, but is too short to make.