Best way to do stick and poke tattoos

best way to do stick and poke tattoos

Have few pair of gloves nearby but outside of your work area in case you need to change them during the process.
17 2 Keep your tattoo clean.
We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Apply ointment to it, wrap it for a couple of hours, wash it with unscented antibacterial soap, and repeat.2.2 Prepare the area and the tools youll need for your stick and poke tattoo.Other inks are toxic and could cause serious problems.22 4 Let your tattoo heal.Be sure to read our short guide on how to safely remove your tattoo gloves.Sewing needles, straight pins, and even safety pins will all work just fine.Only use new, clean needles and make sure you sterilize them before you begin.Question Can you use regular pen ink?9 2, start poking.
It is easier to clean than borosilicate glass.
Question Will this tattoo work behind ears?
When your gloves are removed, wash your hands with water and soap.
It's also common for stick and poke artists to recommend skipping the antibacterial ointment, since it tends to lift a certain amount of ink from your skin.
25 Wear loose clothing so your tattoo can breathe.
It's important to make sure everything you use is clean.Take extra precautions and sterilize an area larger than the tattoo itself.You can also read our review of the product.Swimming pools are cleaned with chlorine, which is also not good for your tattoo.You're only trying to poke through the first couple layers of skin.However, as we're chatting with friends and getting our tattoos done, the ink tends to sit in the cups for hours on end.Tattooing the Outline, start by taking out the needle from its package, being careful not to poke yourself on the sharp tip.You'll need a few other things before you start putting needle to flesh.Doing roulette spiel strategie either of these will put you at serious risk for infection.