Bing crosby songs from the 30's

bing crosby songs from the 30's

JR sammy swings (mono) decca.
(mono) world paci WP-1862 A/NM - 2700 ketty lester love letters (mono) ERA DL-108 A/NM - 3000 ketty lester THE soul OF ME (mono) victor LPM-2945 A/NM DOG - 3000 ketty lester where IS love (mono) victor LPM-3326 A/NM DOG - 3000 KIM parker havin'.
(mono) warnerbro linz casino hotel W-1212 A/NM grey DG - 4500 blossom dearie maome IN?
( LP ) - / 4 most, sING (mono dAWN DLP-1112, a-/NM DG - 9500.(stereo) liberty LST-7548 A/NM - 2500 vivian blaine FOR YOU (stereo) AEI AE-1145 A/NM - 2500 vivian blaine PAL joey/annie GET your GUN (stereo) mercury SR-60051 A/NM black DG - 2500 vivian blaine PAL joey/annie GET your GUN (mono) mercury MG-20321 A/NM black.I'll Never Smile Again 1940, uS Billboard (20 weeks US 1940s 1 - Jul 1940 (15 weeks US 1 for 12 weeks - Jul 1940, Grammy Hall of Fame in 1982 (1940 Your Hit Parade 2 of 1940, DDD 3 of 1940, US invalid.HOT cole porter (mono) philips PHM200-169 A/NM - 2500 shirley bassey best OF (mono) contour A/NM italia - 2500 shirley bassey burn MY candle (stereo) contour CN-2025 A/NM england - 2000 shirley bassey THE spectacular (mono) philips PHM200-168 A/NM DG - 2000 shirley bassey I'VE.(mono) warnerbro W-1212 A/NM gold DG - 4800 bonnie graham brown GAL (mono) argo LP-4017 A/VG/NM blue DG - 4000 brigitte fontaine EST?
(stereo) MGM SE-3987 A/NM black tape - 4500 joni james dedicated TO YOU (mono) BMC BMR2-117 A/NM 2LP - 2500 joni james 100 strings AND joni (mono) MGM E-3755 A/NM yellow DG - 6000 joni james 100 strings AND joni (stereo) MGM SE-3755 A/NM yellow.
(mono) fontana MGF-27555 A/NM promo DG - 3000 gloria lynne where ITS AT!
(mono) columbia CL-1206 A/NM 6EYE DG - 3000 louis prima blue moon (mono) DOT DLP-3385 A/NM DG - 2500 louis prima HIS greatest hits (mono) DOT DLP-3262 A/NM tape - 3000 louis prima "pretty music, prima style" (stereo) DOT DLP-25264 A/NM DG - 3000 louis.
Abbey lincoln, abbey IS blue (mono riverside RLP12-308 A/NM BGP DG - 12000 abbey lincoln IT'S magic (mono) riverside RLP12-277 A/NM BGP - 10000 ADA LEE comes ON!
(mono) columbia CL-2131 A/NM 2EYE canada - 2500 doris DAY sentimental journey (stereo) columbia CS-9160 A/NM 2EYE - 3500 doris DAY show time (mono) columbia CL-1470 A/NM 6EYE DG - 3000 doris DAY THE pajama game (mono) columbia CL-5210 A/NM 6EYE DG - 3000 doris.
(mono) capitol T-1475 A/NM rainbow - 3500 peggy kleiderordnung casino monte carlo LEE pass ME BY (mono) capitol T-2320 A/NM rainbow - 3000 peggy LEE raindrops (stereo) capitol SL-6723 A/NM - 3000 peggy LEE sugar' N (stereo) capitol ST-1772 A/NM rainbow - 3000 peggy LEE sugar'N (mono) capitol T-1772.
(mono) DOT DLP-3210 A/vgdg - 3000 louis prima keely smith ON stage (stereo) DOT DLP-25266 A/NM DG - 3000 LU ANN simms AT THE separate tables (mono) jubilee JLP-1092 A/vgrainbow DG - 5000 LU elliott WAY OUT from down under (stereo) ABC abcs-584 A/NM.(stereo) betcar M-1004 A/NM - 2500 betty carter finaly (stereo) JOY NO-number A/NM - 2500 betty comora bouncy bluesy bizzarre (stereo) OC5 OC5 A/NM - 2100 betty hutton saints sinners ball (mono) warnerbro W-1267 A/NM grey DG - 3500 betty johnson same (mono) atlantic A-8017.Where we have found such issues lotto rlp gewinn we have attempted to consolidate the entries using the most widely accepted value for the artist in each case.(mono) reprise R-6144 A/NM - 2500 sandpipers misty roses (stereo) A M SP-4135 A/NM - 2000 sandy posey best OF (mono) MGM E-4509 A/NM - 2500 sandy posey boroman (mono) MGM E-4418 A/NM black DH - 3000 sandy posey boroman (stereo) MGM SE-4418 A/NM.C (mono) victor LOP-1004 A/NM DOG DG - 3500 perry como when YOU come TO THE END OF DAY (stereo) victor LSP-1885 A/NM DOG DG - 2500 peter sellers AND sophia loren (mono) angel LP-35910 A/NM canada - 2500 peters sisters THE swingin' (stereo) capitol.

(mono) verve MGV-2117 A/NM blue - 3500 MEL torme OLE torme!