Casino drop box definition

casino drop box definition

( computing ) A computer folder to which files may be dragged and dropped and from which users of other computers on the network can access those files.
1980, Edwin Silberstang, Playboy's Guide to Casino Gambling, page 363, the two smaller slots are for the dropping of cash or markers into the dropbox when players cash these for casino chips.
Casino Gambling Definitions (Obsolete/Historic) There are several obsolete terms for physical components of slot machines of historical importance, even if it is relatively recent history.The Spectator, Volume 42, page 1528: In 1738, John Kay, a native of Bury (though at the time residing in Colchester) invented the fly-shuttle, and in 1760 his son Robert invented the dropbox, by which patterns of various colours are woven nearly with the same.The Checklist must be completed by each group after each usage and turned in at the front desk or in the.Bonus (Casino Gambling Definitions).It includes amount, signatures of the employees involved, the slot machine number, slot machine location within monte casino frankfurter ring the casino, and the date of occurrence.Optimal Play The payback percentage in slot machine game themes requiring mental or physical skill when player performance is ideal,.e., perfect play.Whether the slot machine has a larger bucket or a small box depends upon the denomination of the machine.Low Level/Slant Top Machine Configuration A type of physical arrangement where the slot machine has a stool or chair allowing the player to sit down.English edit, etymology edit drop box, pronunciation edit, noun edit dropbox ( plural dropboxes a box wherein objects can be deposited by one person for later collection by another.Theme The specific game designed to be played on a specific slot machine, including but not limited to the number of reels, the specific symbols on the reels, any bonus rounds, etc.Drop box immediately following reserved times.
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Keep Reading or Listen Instead!A hand pay occurs when the ticket amount exceeds the limit of automatic pay dispensers, which can vary from casino to casino, or when a single jackpot exceeds the limit set for automatic payment of governmental taxes of gambling income.Jump to navigation, jump to search, contents.Mobile A slot machine available during online gambling, either stand-alone software loaded onto a players device or played at an online casinos website.Theme (Casino Gambling Definitions).Coin hoppers and ticket printers provide an immediately available payout when hand pays are not required.Short Pay (Casino Gambling Definitions).The specific bonus varies with the game, but is in essence an additional round of play.Roll Up When a jackpot is won, a slot machine can emphasize the win by making sound effects to signal the counting of credits won.Taste (Casino Gambling Definitions).

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Slot machines originally having coin hoppers but later upgraded to ticket printers will often still have a vestigial coin hopper.