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Andy was the ringbearer in Darlene and David's wedding The Wedding.
Minor/recurring characters edit Other family members edit Audrey Conner ( Ann Wedgeworth and Debbie Reynolds ) She is the mother of Dan Conner, and the ex-wife of Ed Conner.
Darlene made it up!" However, Barr had reportedly wanted to name the character David from the beginning but the idea was rejected as Galecki was starring on another show, Billy as a character named David.Meg Wellman ( Debra Mooney ) Owner of the Wellman factory, who believes she and Roseanne are good friends.At the beginning of the show, he is married, although he gets divorced during the show's run and his now ex-wife writes a tell-all book about life with the Mayor.His interest lotto fehlerhafte ziehung in things traditionally feminine, such as wearing makeup and skirts, is somewhat worrisome to his grandparents, with Roseanne worried that Mark will be bullied by his narrow-minded peers and Dan feeling that he needs to persuade the youngster to take on more masculine.2, the 'Bank on Tickets of the Million Adventure' or Million Bank was established in 1695 to manage the assets of subscribers.She bore a child with him.She has another daughter named Sonya.He's shy, polite, thoughtful, sensitive, soft-spoken, artistic, and intelligent.Fred edit Fred is played by Michael O'Keefe.
Scott ( Fred Willard ) A probate attorney who marries Leon.
In June 2010, Entertainment Weekly named Roseanne one of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years.
She nags them with her shockingly whiny voice, often with good intentions but presenting them in the wrong way.
Leon Carp edit Leon Carp is played by Martin Mull.
The remaining producers decided to carry on the series with a new lead.Sarasota, Florida: Sarasota Herald Tribune.Her parents are disapproving of Becky's decision, with Roseanne explaining to Becky that while she might not feel a connection to her biological child, Roseanne and the rest of the family would.She frequently is seen dating women; her first girlfriend Marla is played by Morgan Fairchild.15 Jackie Harris edit Marjorie Jacqueline " Jackie " Harris is played by Laurie Metcalf, Jackie is Roseanne's younger sister by three years, neurotic but a loving, devoted aunt to her nieces and nephews.Ronnie ( Joan Collins ) Roseanne's rich cousin who persuades Darlene to get her GED and apply to art school.In the spin-off she's a principal character, having been discharged from the military.However, both Van De Winkle and Fedewa want the public to be aware that there will be some time before this stretch of the river is safe to paddle or kayak.Fox won one Primetime Emmy, out of four nominations.The couple that offered her the surrogacy decides they need to move on to someone else.Geena is portrayed by Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly in season 7 and Xosha Roquemore in season 10 References edit "Feminism and Pop Culture: Seal Studies Andi Zeisler Google Books".They both agree to move forward with the divorce and on Dan's urging, spielautomat fur zuhause youtube David agrees to get his act together and proceed with the move before he can see the kids again.Bev's relationship with her own mother is very similar to the one her daughters have with her.In Season 9, Roseanne and Jackie win a lottery in excess of 108,000,000.

She has a daughter who lives in Oregon and enjoys traveling by motorcycle with her husband Duke ( David Crosby ).
Roseanne eventually co-owns a successful restaurant called the Lanford Lunch Box with Jackie, her mother Bev, Nancy, and later her former boss from the luncheonette, Leon, after Bev sells her share in the restaurant to him.