Fb autopoke app

fb autopoke app

Densities 160, 240, 320, 480, 65535, mD5, Signature, sHA256, user Features, touchscreen hardware features: The app uses the novolin n insulin storage Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
You can now choose your own confirmation message and send it to more than one person!
Unshift(step4 function step3 console.Also, you might be able to persuade me to add you to the list of people that this app will lottohelden guthaben auszahlen ignore, meaning that your friends wont be able to use this app against you, or to get someone removed from that list so that you.Poke messages that failed to send now try to resend automatically until they send or you turn it off, and once they're sent they're added to the phone's SMS log (which is why I need the new permissions).Min, android.3 (gingerbread target, android.3 (jelly_bean_MR2 screens small, normal, large, xlarge.Not required, offers In-App Purchase, no, support Languages ca, da, fa, ja, nb, be, de, he, af, bg, th, zh, fi, hi, vi, sk, uk, el, nl, pl, sl, tl, am, in, ko, ro, ar, fr, hr, sr, tr, cs, es, it, lt, pt,.Length; i) var notification notificationsi; actions.
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Facebook Auto Poke APK History Versions.Through the use of a configurable randomized delay it simulates the time it would actually take a person to respond to the Facebook poke notification.Log Poked someone, 3000 facebook auto poke / m/pokes/?notif_tpoke setInterval(function var cancel cancel ick var poke ving poke ick, 1000 Facebook auto poke all / run this this in the browser console / It'll poke back every new poke setInterval( aajaxify.forEach( pokeBack ick 1000 facebook.Check out after app install!Please email me if you have a problem!Also, once your return poke has sent, your SMS log will be updated with the response (Sorry, but not all devices support this; there's nothing I can do about it; and there's no way I can know ahead of time if it will work.usr/bin/python import mechanize, time, os, getpass usr raw_input Enter enter email: pas tpass print "Waiting.With this on your side, consider your poke war won.See below for reasons it might not work for you, I'll help you set it up!Log step 2 var button tElementsByClassName 2x4v if (button.