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go to bing webmaster tools

You can also allow for python lotto simulator crawling of ajax crawlable URLs if so you planet 7 casino signup bonus choose.
When you hover over a page you'll see the following details: If you click on a page you can also see a couple of additional data points: Document size Inbound links to the page Block cache and block URL options for that particular page Using.
Sitemaps (XML, Atom, RSS) This is where you'd submit your sitemap to Bing.
Well, that was humbling.The AdWords Tool enables you to save the keyword ideas to a list in one click, but the Bing tool lacks such a time-saving feature.Now I must admit that weve been so busy tending to the SEO of our clients sites that the SEO of our own site has become an afterthought, and this SEO Report makes that painfully obvious. .Each section has its own place within your site's webmaster tool profile.It is not clear how much the disavow feature would help, but if youre trying to fight the effects of shady links, its worth trying this featureits quick and does not take much effort.
Once you get into a site's dashboard you see the data we talked about above at the top of the dashboard and then a 30 glimpse of the following metrics for the selected site: Traffic summary, index summary, crawl summary (and a separate chart for.
This feature doesn't require you to do any filtering to find issues, you can simply see if any of your pages have notable http information, might be infected with Malware, and which ones are excluded by robots.
On June 6, Bing announced significant and awesome upgrades to Bing Webmaster Tools.
Combining this with use of the canonical tag (which Bing uses as a hint) is your best bet to ensure that there are as few duplicate content, link juice splitting issues on your site (with Bing).
Thus, the SEO Reports feature is useful to everyone from time-constrained veteran SEOs to wearing-all-hats webmasters with minimal SEO experience.Once you're up and running it will take a day or two for us to collect and collate data for you, but you will be able to access all kinds of great data about crawl and indexation, and your search traffic from the various tools.Bing Webmaster Center, log in to m/webmaster with your Live!Below are four specific ways you can use Bing Webmaster Tools to improve your SEO endeavors.I will keep this guide simple and to the point to get your site indexed in Bing search, and in the upcoming tutorials, I will also explain other things that you can do with this free Webmaster Tool.The index summary chart is similar to the other charts in Bing's webmaster tools, which all the interactive sliding parameters that let you expand the report out over 6 months or drill down into a really tight, specific time frame.Bing Webmaster Resources Bing's recent update to their Webmaster Tools added a good amount of value to their reporting.The tool also explains the issues rather well.Below is a screenshot of LunaMetrics SEO Reports.

I find the adding meta tag to be easiest one, but you can pick any of the three verification process: File upload, adding Meta tag in Header, cname record to DNS.
Choose By adding a meta tag to my home page. .