Handpoking tattoo needles

Take fire from your inspirations, and transform it into your own.
#serpenttattoo #brownink #kundalini #earthtribe #stickandpoketattoo #stickandpoke #Tattoo #handpoke #handpokedtattoo #tattooritual #vondovetattoo.The Serpent : Evolution : A brown ink stick poke and beautiful ceremony for Nathan.The earth tones speak to the earth tribe, as I create more of these the language and symbols speak louder and clearer.Thanks for sitting with.I wish you all the transformation and growth.Request a cancellation: Before item has shippedWithin 1 hour of purchaseWithin 2 hours of purchaseWithin 3 hours of purchaseWithin 4 hours of purchaseWithin 5 hours of purchaseWithin 6 hours of purchaseWithin 12 hours of purchaseWithin 24 hours of purchaseWithin 2 days of purchaseWithin 3 days.Nathan, witnessing you on your journey is such a pleasure of mine.
Here he used 9 needles to do the shading.
Second part of my hand poke tattoo experiance.
Don't compare yourself to them while roulette spiel strategie your hands go wasted.
Travelling alone, picking up the flute, carving your own path.
The Seed: a care-ful thought turns to spoken word, and in turn to manifestation.
Thanks for being my bro and always encouraging me in what.The Serpent rises: We awaken, we shed, we move on to things that serve us and the whole.We are ALL creators.More painful than the outline but less intensive and painful than a gun.Second part of my hand poke tattoo experiance.