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Henris first production model was named after his successful race as the 6 heures de Paris and was soon joined by the elegant.
The winner of the race was simply declared by the maximum number of laps a boat and driver had achieved within the 6 hour time limit around a short course up and down the Seine and around three of the Paris bridges.
The following year Michel Joubert came up with the.30m Gin Fizz, which was viewed by the yachting press as being quite extraordinary and radical, especially when compared with the traditional yachts of the time.The collapse of Jeanneau in 1995 had impacted hard on the Polish contracting yards, but by 1997 Groupe Bénéteau were working with Piotr Jasionowski at Ostróda Yacht to improve the productivity of the plant.In 2005 a major new plant was built at Cholet and has become a focus for sailboat production.6,42 1 x 200 viareggio.000,00 Tuccoli Ivano T 25' Moby Dick Tournament 1989 7,5 1 x 250 marina DI grosseto.000,00 Maxum Marine 2300 SC MC Cuddy 1996 7,7 1 x 223 marina DI grosseto.000,00 Airon Marine airon,72 1 x 200 viareggio.000,00.Tony Castro was reunited with Jeanneau through the creation of the powerful offshore Velasco 43 (initially known as the Voyage 42).He and his wife Nelly had even flown in a small aircraft as far as Sicily and North Africa.But more important than buildings, equipment and model brands was the huge knowledge and expertise of many of the Jeanneau team who had been with Henri from the early days and were retained within the refreshed business.The staff at JTA alternated the construction of the lagoon 55 and the competition boats with the same spirit of research to maximize performance.The success of the Rush Royale was then renewed with the new Joubert - Nivelt designed Sélection which remained the choice bingo outlet sarajevo for the next eight years of the Voile Tour de France events from 1984 to 1991.
Then in 1960 the.90m Sea Bird appeared, Jeanneaus first two-berth cabin boat, typically supplied with a 40hp outboard that allowed water skiing, it was aimed for use by all the family and proved a great commercial success.
At a similar period, Jeanneau less successfully promoted some commercial 8m -10m Chalutier fishing vessels based on the Esteou hull.
4th in the Admiral's Cup 1989 (CGI 2) - 3rd in the Globe Challenge 1993 (Fleury Michon10) - 1st in the Mini-Transat 19 (Karen Liquid).
The Chatellier management considered that to develop the Jeanneau brand worldwide, they needed to overcome the barriers of high importation costs and local taxation and therefore needed to establish local overseas production, so Jeanneau then sought agreements for local manufacture in North America (Canada) and.
Based in the USA, Bangor Punta had already acquired several American boat builders including Jensen, Luhrs, and ODay.
In 1984, Jeanneau opened a workshop that is a landmark in the history of sailing competition : Jeanneau Techniques Avancées (JTA).The Sun Fast series that had first appeared in 1992 with the glorious Sun Fast 52 gradually lost their independent design status from 1999 onwards, becoming sports variants based on the sister Sun Odyssey hulls and decks.His last one was built in 1988, a Dynamique 47, called Sapphire.Grateful thanks is acknowledged to all photographers without whose images this history could not be fully recorded.Despite these four years of active trading and development by the employee backed company, the near collapse of the pleasure boat market in the early nineties left Jeanneau with increasing debt and they filed an overall loss in 1991 which resulted in the banks demanding.This aim was achieved when their Ron Holland designed Rush, initially produced in 1980, was selected in the guise of the Rush Royale as the one design boat for the Voile Tour de France series for 19Ron Holland, a native of New Zealand was for.History and differing fortunes had now brought these long-term rivals together to form the largest leisure boatbuilding group in the World.

A host of new sailboat designs then appeared including the Arcadia, Sun Kiss, Sun Rise 34 and Espace 1100.
Jeanneau also knew that success in yacht racing would also be an important aspect of promoting their sailing boats, particularly for the home market.