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Battle Network 5 or even use a completed save file from that game to unlock TP Chips right from the poker full house rules start of the game.
Have MagnetMan/KnightMan liberate one for now; the other will probably have to wait for your next phase.
However, if youre unlucky like me and a guardian has moved into the precise spot to prevent you from doing this, just clear the way to the leftmost Dark Hole instead.
As this is the first liberation mission, there will be a lot of explanation going on here.Its a good idea to take them out asap.) With the last Dark Hole out of the way, for once, you still need to clear some panels before you get to the ones immediately surrounding the boss.At the end of the area you encounter GyroMan/ShadowMan; chase him to the next area.Talk to the Navi.AntiElec : Get it from an item panel during the ProtoMan/Colonel liberation mission.(No, thats not a typo.) Together, the three chase the Dark Power from ProtoMan/Colonel and destroy it, thereby freeing him.For the next Dark Hole, use your special liberation commands liberally to clear the way straight to the hole.Head down a bit.Many of the homepages and some servers throughout the game are totally revamped here.
Avoid all ninjas until you come across a line of one-way panels.
(Doncha wish he was that powerful in battle?) After thats done, move onward into End Area2.
Like the gas bursts in Battle Network 2, currents can push you from one ledge to another.
If you get this, read the in-game tutorial or the strategies section for an explanation of what you are doing wrong.Naturally, after we spent all that time gathering clues and figuring out the puzzles, the bad guys just waltz right in and grab the prize at the end.Retrace your route through the mine to the drill.Try to use your special liberation attacks (which require Order Points) to speed up things, and to snag items while also opening poke bowl lidl paths.(Notice you can use the BBS to get back to the general Internet if need.) Soon enough you will reach a barrier next to a couple of terminals.Regal tries to flood MegaMan with evil energy to make him into his own Navi.