No such slot qapplication

Create the mainwindow first and then populate it seems more logical.
I get the following errors: datamodel.
I've implemented simple projects with qglwidget.
Cpp: Code: Select all MainWindow:MainWindow(QWidget *parent) : QMainWindow(parent) setupUi(this model new dataModel(0, this I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.H" namespace Ui class MainWindow; class QAction; class MainWindow : public QMainWindow Q_object public: explicit MainWindow(QWidget *parent 0 millennium city wien spielhalle MainWindow void initConnect private: Ui:MainWindow *ui; QMenu *m_option; QAction *option_Units; Dialog_Units* Connect_Option_Units ; #endif / mainwindow_H MainWindow.GroupCcuRedundancy: redundancyChangeInput( ) ), 15h53 #3, merci mais non, j'ai le best casino hotels usa meme probleme (j'ai aussi essaye this 1 2 3 4 QObject:connect: (sender name: QObject:connect: (receiver name: 'ccuRedundancyccugroup6 QObject:connect: No such slot Il fait toujours reference a QGroupBox.Exec (Expected Output) OptionUnitsDialog_Units (Wrong Output) Starting QObject:connect: No such slot in QObject:connect: (receiver name: 'MainWindow exited with code 0 (Supplement) Qt - : : : ml wolfer:class"slot slot 04/25 03:06.H:123: invalid conversion from QRadioButton to int' GroupCcuRedundancy.I misread the post.
13h30 #1, qt:connect: no such slot.
Bencrie:Qt keyword moc C compiler 04/25 10:16.
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Bencrie: 04/25 10:16 wtchen: 04/26 04:32.
H"rn#include *parent) :rn QMainWindow(parent rn ui(new Ui:MainWindow)rnrn ui- setupUi(this rn QList Sensor_list;rn QString text;rn for(int i0;i 4;i)rn textSensor_listi- text rn delete ui;rnrnrnrnrnrnvoid text)rnrn qDebug rn#include rn#include rn#include rn#include rnrnnamespace Ui rn class MainWindow;rnrnrnclass MainWindow : public QMainWindowrnrn Q_objectrnrnpublic:rn explicit MainWindow(QWidget *parent 0 rn MainWindow rnrnprivate.
H: Code: Select all #include "mainwindow.
Marcel Duchamp Given your choice.H : #ifndef dialog_units_H #define dialog_units_H #include #include #include #include class Dialog_Units : public QDialog Q_object public: Dialog_Units(QWidget *parent 0 Dialog_Units private slots: void buttonOKClicked void buttonCancelClicked private: QLabel *label; QComboBox *selectUnits; QPushButton *buttonOK; QPushButton *buttonCancel; ; #endif / dialog_units_H Dialog_Units.Cpp:31: error: prototype for does not match any in class 'dataModel' error: dataModel:dataModel error: candidates are: dataModel:dataModel(const dataModel discount poker store ) datamodel.H"rnrnint main(int argc, char *argv)rnrn QApplication app(argc, argv rn FindDialog *dialog new FindDialog;rn dialog- show rn return app.Cpp create DataModel, which will then create the MainWindow.Cpp, while the slot function is in datamodel.