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New XP/hour analysis added to Tips Misc.
24.06.17 First round of Global Stats are live.
If you click on a Pokemon you now get a single page with every detail?
Previously a trainer on started when the game launched would be getting pessimistic forecasts on their congstar prepaid aufladen bonus Johto medal since the medal wasn't progressable for months after they started playing.These 'back-end' changes are my main focus for now.I like to keep the site lean and these little 96x96 icons are beautiful.10.12.17 Best defenders updated so you can see all Pokemon instead of just the top 100 defenders, added clicky boxes to filter out by generation.Move List moves can now be expanded to show the Pokemon that have the move.This statistic is often more valuable than DPS for charge moves.18.02.18 Forms now acounted for site-wide, including eventual mega-evolutions, Mega Mewtwo Y might get a nerf with almost 7000.27.8.16 Bunch of fixes.4.12.16 Gen 2 Pokemon now factored in across the entire site.
Many thanks to all those that take the time to provide feedback.
Change implemented as a part of the iPhone App Alpha testing we're doing at the moment.
Server side I'm noticing some nice performance improvements from Rails 5, and Turbolinks 5 brings some interesting opportunities in the form of potential AndroidiPhone apps in the future.Site wide update is mostly complete and all the new move data, movesets and pokemon stats are flowing through.Pokemon Stats updated to included all Gen 2 Pokemon stats and max.Added a readout of the average EPS and DPS over the fight for each participant.View a full list of all forms here.While it will vary from Pokemon to Pokemon, the new information reduces the possible IVs by 25-90 in most cases and has signficantly increased the chance of knowing the exact IVs on the first search.Huge changes to move DPS and optimal movesets so have a look at Move Sets and Attacker tier list to see where you want to spend your Dust.10.05.17 Well that was much easier than I anticipated.Clicking on a pokemon then links to its moveset.If you find any bugs let us know here.Site linking has been inconsistent and now its nice and predicatable.12.12.17 We have opened the website up to Reddit authentication in addtion to Google.Max Level CP and HP for each Pokemon also shown.

Sped up the battling script by a factor.
If you don't want your account wiped, just don't trigger one of those rules on Jan 2nd, but no-one who has anything to lose (time invested in user preferences) has anything to worry about.
The purpose of a Poke Assistant account has changed over time.