Poker hand history analysis software

June 5th, 2013 HM2 79 Released Today's HM2 release now supports all skins on the Winning Poker Network with full HUD support. .
Its the Swiss army knife of ICM calculation, no doubt.
NinjaVision puts all your open poker tables into a single window allowing you to englisches kartenspiel mit 6 buchstaben use hotkeys on this smaller window. .
Download gtorangeBuilder, pioSolver, cost: varies (free version up to 1,099.00 for Piosolver Edge).When you understand how to use these programs, you understand poker on a deeper level than most.Exploit your opponents' weaknesses, poker Copilot uses accumulated data to find the mathematical errors in your game so that you can eliminate the persistent errors in your playing style.Math is spielhalle hamburg barmbek a key part of any poker players pursuit.Poker Copilot answers these questions.Another vital component of tracking and analysis software is the analytical portion.Download PioSolver, iCMizer 2, cost: varies (79.99/yr.Stay tuned for more updates.Don't wait, download our free 30 day trial today.There are equity and ICM calculators, customizable themes, hand replayers (including an official SplitSuit replayer and lots more.PokerRanger several enhanced features for calculating equity based on whether players react with a fold, call or raise, and a deep selection of graphs and other visual tools for hand analysis.
You can use sophisticated filtering and reporting tools to generate graphs of your play, where patterns can be picked out, (or you can just have a sick graph to brag about on the forums.) Poker Tracker 4 boasts other bells and whistles, like TableTracker, which.
Play around with the software to develop a better intuition at the table, or use it as a serious study tool that offers instant feedback on the hands you load into.
It offers poker tracking that integrates seamlessly with your desktop and your online poker programs.
All of this information is stored in a database on your computer and the tracking and analysis software analyzes this data to generate statistics about the way that you and your opponents are playing.
September 15, 2011 Leak Buster Releases Free Small Stakes Concept Video Leak Buster poker software adds video to YouTube aiding small stakes players. .October 13, 2011 Leak Buster Workshop (Nov 10th, 2PM PST) Leak Buster informed us of an upcoming workshop for Leak Buster on Nov 10th at 2PM PST.Upload your own HUD to share with the world as well.Another way to put it: To varying degrees, a prerequisite to using these programs is a deep understanding of poker strategy.HUD support will follow in the next release. .Another tool out there for getting your Nash Equilibirum approximations with fully editable ranges is HoldemResources calculator.A few of our coaches find this tool particularly helpful for analyzing live and online MTT hands, as it includes the Malmuth-Harville ICM and MTT/mtsng ICM equity models (as well as Future Game Simulation FGS and ChipEV).It also comes with video tutorials and written modules on how to correct your costly habits.Sign up to these sites and earn up to 100 of Holdem Manager Store Credit.October 7, 2011 Buy HM1 Today - Get HM2 Free Buy HM1 today and get a free copy of HM2 absolutely free.September 6, 2011 HM1 Build Released (1.12.01) In our continued effort to support.0 while we put the finishing touched on HM2.0, we released an updated.0 build.

March 22, 2012 GrinderSchool HM2 Video Released GrinderSchool sent us this video today where they are reviewing some hands using the HM2 Replayer.
The best tracker available would be useless to you if it doesn't support the site that you primarily play.