Poker postflop aggression factor

With the best information directly on the poker table, you can take advantage of other players' weaknesses.
If you flop a lotto bw ergebnisse monster or very strong made hand you have two clear tasks: Build a big pot for you to win at showdown.
One player calls and you raise.
Made hands are hands that could already be the best hand, like a pair or three-of-a-kind.The player in MP1 raises, MP2 calls, you call as well.But you should bear in mind a few simple guidelines before making your post-flop decisions.In general, you should always play draws passively when no-one raised before the flop or when you called a raise before the flop.Understanding the concepts of pot control and protection is very important.We have a lots of new features on our roadmap to offer you the best HUD experience.You make a continuation bet, which gets called.Playing monster made hands is easier than a lot of other elements of poker, but it is still a very valuable skill to acquire.The flop is not draw-heavy.Paying attention to blockers and backdoor draws can help you tremendously when it comes to making quality post-flop decisions.
Examples OF BAD flops FOR continuation bets Very draw-heavy You check Very draw-heavy You check Very draw-heavy You check All three examples are labelled: very draw-heavy.
Example 10 - overpair Before the flop - NL25 Blinds:.10/0.25 You are on the Button UTG1, UTG2, UTG3, MP1, MP2 and MP3 fold Cutoff raises to 1 You call 1 SB and BB fold Flop - Active Players (2 You, bing translator gratuit windows 10 Cutoff - Pot:.35.
With a tighter and more aggressive preflop style, you'll find yourself on the offensive and in position much more often which will make your life a whole lot easier.You can call moderate flop bets with strong draws like flush draws and oesds and can usually just fold weak draws (like gutshots).A double gutshot draw is a combination of two gutshot draws.Who are your opponents?Your two-pair doesn't look so great anymore.What happened before the flop?Oesd stands for open-ended straight draw.Your opponent bets into you, representing a very strong hand.Your tasks are similar with marginal hands but now it is even more important to figure out what your opponent holds.