Resto druid best in slot legion

resto druid best in slot legion

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The Azerite slots dont have secondary stats, so it can be worth equipping a lower ilvl piece with good traits over a higher ilvl piece with bad or no traits.
Autumn Leaves makes a big impact on your talent choices, with Spring Blossoms, Abundance and Cultivation all becoming completely nonviable in raid.Megaera (crit neck, horridons Tusk Fragment, horridon (haste) 2nd Option: online spiele geld verdienen leicht gemacht Soul Prism of Lei-Shen.Mastery Haste and then list alternative options(i.e.Repost / Fixed style post.By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.A Mythic set, a raid set and a world quest or DPS set will keep you happy.What are you most looking forward to getting?Make sure you paste the code as BBCode in your thread.
Last updated 18th October.
Any luck with your drops?
Its incredibly potent on fights with sustained periodic damage like Zekvoz but much weaker when tank / debuff healing is key like on Fetid Devourer.
You can respec pieces but theres a pretty significant gold cost to doing.
Youll replace them five times over before you enter a level 120 dungeon.While levelling you can grab whichever traits you like.Remember to check back often since opinions often change on the best gear.Sylvanass Resolve, silver Tier: Waking Dream (second third Lively Spirit, Laser Matrix, Swirling Sands, Trade Winds, Blood Rite, Champion of Azeroth, Grove Tending Bronze Tier: Fungal Essence, Rampant Growth (second third), Collective Will / Stand as One The Second Ring (only present on epics) Ferrari.Lei Shin (mastery) 3rd Option: Passionfire Choker, twin Consorts (crit from Reputation Vendor: Menders Battletags, shado-Pan Assault (1250 VP @ Neutral) (crit).Let us know in the comments below!Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.Witch Hunts / ToS violations / Legacy servers.Loot / Achievements / Mounts.Last reviewed 31st October.The Outer Ring (spec specific traits rolls Royce Tier: Archive of the Titans, gold Tier: Waking Dream (first Autumn Leaves, Rampant Growth (first Blightborne Infusion, Meticulous Scheming, Secrets of the Deep, Unstable Catalyst, Anduins Dedication /.

List*Head urlt/druid/restoration/ color#a335eeHood of Pestilent Ichor /color /url *Hands urlt/druid/restoration/ color#a335eeGloves of Descending Madness /color /url *Neck urlt/druid/restoration/ color#e6cc80Heart of Azeroth /color /url *Waist urlt/druid/restoration/ color#a335eeReplicated Chitin Cord /color /url *Shoulder urlt/druid/restoration/ color#a335eeUsurper's Bloodcaked Spaulders /color /url *Legs urlt/druid/restoration/ color#a335eePathogenic Legwraps /color /url *Back urlt/druid/restoration.
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