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For example, the start of his plot hinges on Blackbeard finding a 300 welcome bonus uk very specific Devil Fruit, when finding any Devil Fruit at all is an exceedingly rare occurrence; to deal with this, Blackbeard joins Whitebeard's pirate crew, realizing that he stood the best chance.
"Exactly as planned" Detective Conan once figured out a case just in time by subverting this trope.You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by uploading images.Christopher Priest's portrayal of the Marvel Universe superhero T'Challa the Black Panther resorted to this trope several times during the course of his solo series.While the two major players of the game, seele and Gendo had private, secret agendas which ultimately failed, everything occurred just as planned by a very hidden player, Yui Ikari.In fact throughout the whole movie they rely on the police being a) incompetent and b) not having access to helicopters.) Hits a single enemy for 4 times normal damage.Subtly lampshaded by Mobius.Could have gotten a bit sticky if he'd been alone, no?He's depending too much on coincidence!This motivational poster is part of Aizen's plan.
One by one, the other servants of his liege, Reeve Frithild, are killed off until he finally secretly poisons Frithild and takes her position.
Final Fantasy VII used to perform, limit Breaks, also known as, limits, Limit Techniques,.
This is called a Limit gauge.
There is no method of data transmission via Internet or electronic storage of data which provides its 100 protection.
It was only when they found out that Liquid wanted to control the.O.P.
Zhao: speaking of Zhao's denial of use of the Yu Yan Archers Well darn, it looks like I'm out of luck barring a sudden promotion, like the one arriving right now.Every player acted and every scenario unfolded with near-perfect precision, the one hitch being the confrontation with Matt Murdock occurring earlier than planned.Also lampshaded by the Spirit Monk while talking to the soldier in Tien's Landing when s/he comments that "he couldn't possibly have known that the flyer was going to crash here" (or something to that effect she'll reply you would have had to go there.Most of them assert that everything in the plot is a giant Roulette planned by the protagonist's older brother.One of her simplest manipulations involves watering the lawn in front of the Acrobats' tent; when one of them left the tent, he slips on the wet grass, and angrily blames the pranksters in the Clown Division.They can see all points of time at once.Such technologies of third parties can be used in our services files cookies, API and development kits (SDK which will allow them in the name of our company to execute the collection and the analysis of the users information.And remember that Dumbledore didn't want Harry to find the Hallows; he feared that Harry would fall into the same temptation that he had, so he gave Hermione the book that warns about their dangers in the hope that she would "slow Harry up".The allied nations crush his armies, attack his mining spider, and in the end, Vlad and Kommandt Ubel end up trapped in a mine shaft.

As it turns out, almost everything that happened during StarCraft I and Brood War was just one epic Gambit Roulette by The Overmind.
Digimon Adventure 02 : Each villain appeared (and sometimes believed himself/herself) to be the Big Bad, only for it to turn out that another, higher villain had orchestrated everything from behind the scenes.