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Hail her and follow along, or just try saying, "What is Yxtta?" This will start the next quest (BiC #8).
116) Now put the Translucent Gem Shard, the Dirty Green Gemstone roulette spiel strategie (from the seventh quest) and Vaifan's Clockwork Gemcutter Tools into a Vaifan's Experimental Sealer and combine them.
33) Clear inside the building (some MOB's are tethered) until you can fight Ikaav Ixvet Pox alone (she is perma-rooted).73) Now head back to Turlini and give him the Heavy Satchel (Sixth Battle) and he will give you Pressed Leather Yunjo Sash (Lore, No Trade, Magic; Weight.3; poke bowl lidl Neck/Waist; Type 7 Slot; All/All; AC 12, STR 3, DEX 3, STA 3, CHA 3, WIS.Then hail her and follow along or just try saying "What is Vxed?" to get the next quest (BiC 6).Now loot your Cracked Shard of Power.There are about three different riddles for each "answer" (number 1 to 12 so here are the riddles for each one: o Riddles for number 1 (one) are: Beginning new, the months refreshed, they youngest of us, I am but a babe.The goal is to save Kreshin Silentcog (Level 70) from execution.Keep going around the circle in that direction and you should end back up at the first building on the right (11 and 12).Defeat them and loot their corpses.Note : Most all of the BiC quest NPC's are generally in this same building (at the zone in, near the Magus).Or it was meant to be part of the quest and was left out in later steps.
10) You may want to form a decent Level 70 group (slow, heal, DPS).
You will get a Satchel of the Fourth Battle (Lore, No Trade, Weight.5, 2-slot, 0 Weight Reduction).
Once you get to him, hand him the Tuned Farstone.
9) Now give him the Glob of Mud, Stonedust Particles and the Piece of Chalk.
Intricate Combatant's Belt, intricate Combatant's Belt, magic item attunable.Note : There is more than one "Condensed Matter Shard so be sure you know which is which and use them in the proper order.Quest 13: "txevu" status: Completed and confirmed!You essentially have to complete this event for the drops you need, so you may as well do it!O Riddles for number 10 (ten) are: I am the hour that exists betwixt twice two primes.It is your style and your gnomon that will help you find.Augments by Level New Augments will continue to be added in future updates.They are: Flickering Finkenheimer (Lore, No Trade, Weight.0, 4-Slot 0 Weight Reduction Tarnished Sprocket (Lore, No Trade, Weight.0 Uncoiled Springs (Lore, No Trade, Weight.0 Greased Belt (Lore, No Trade, Weight.0 Connection Rods (Lore, No Trade, Weight.0).Then combine them inside the Satchel of the Third Battle to make a Blood-Soaked Satchel (Third Battle) (No Trade, Lore, Weight.5).Give him the Shard of Dark Matter.The addition of Campfires and Banners have actually made this easier.