Tera buy extra character slot

tera buy extra character slot

I have just done the shop and I got 2 extra bank tabs.
Items that you have listed on the trade broker will be merged to bet at home poker mobile the new server.
We recommend choosing your favorite characters and deleting any extras before the merge.
We will then quickly and discreetly inspect and document select properties of the game account before passing on the game account information to you.Experience tera, trailer, dynamic and action-packed battles based on the unique targeting system.What if there are multiple guilds with the same name?15 days of elite statusAll the benefits of elite status, including double XP, double daily dungeon entries, a Village Atlas and Travel Journal, and more!But i seems veteran/collectors only open up to the 4th slot.1,000 emptreat yourself to a tera Store shopping spree!Free Character Slot, to make sure you're ready to roll when the new class arrives, we're giving you a free character slot plus the majestic Snowdrift as a permanent mount!Will there be a name appeal process?
Character slots on the new server will be limited to the highest amount of character slots you have on VT, LT,.
Now I can go to 7 chars.
Click here for more information about how name conflicts will be resolved.
So if you have 4 character slots on VT, 9 on LT, and 2 on HW, you will end up with 9 slots on the new server.
It's another topic why there is all but one place left where you can buy overpriced Standard Edition keys.
Just like char slot.
Collector's is mostly for the lion mount, yes.Click here to continue using the site.It's kinda annoying since 2 character is really insufficient since there are so many classes available.To put it in a more bulleted format, here are the scheduled downtimes for servers on the days of September 6 and September 7, 2016 (all times Pacific).Student 1 96 Gender Male Location Europe Server Killian Class Gunner Thanks all.All characters that are have been inactive since September 6, 2015 will have their name appended with 1 freeing up these names to decrease conflicts.Pick a gift tera: Starter Pack Deluxe - AU19.95.

Student 1 96, gender, male, location, europe, server.
We recommend that you log in between now and the merge just to make sure that your name is eligible to stay.
If your guild shares a name with another guild on the merged server, your guild will receive a tag designating that your guild's name must be changed.