Tonkaaaa poker player

All he is is a gambler and im not just talking about blowup fridays.
His degen style wont win longterm Lex needs to also step in the free casino spiele ohne anmeldung zoo lab.
Crazy how the definition of fish changes over the years.
Karamazonk, 08:28 PM # 37 Mike_McDee grinder Join Date: May 2011 Location: London, UK Posts: 475 Re: Lex Veldhuis Poker streamers get significantly less donations than game streamers for some reason.Re: Lex Veldhuis, i gotta say what a pleasure it was to watch Lex today make a monumental run in the PLO 6-max 1050 for 40K give or take.He was in the 10k bounty builder and a guy shoved allin for 45k chips at level and had a min 2500 bounty.People using bots to gain an edge but Lex is an actual robot Terminator 2 style Twitch RIP List - Doug Polk - Tonkaaaap - JCarver p0kercasual, 04:12 PM # 47 WhatsUpGuys journeyman Join Date: Jun 2017 Posts: 356 Re: Lex Veldhuis": Originally Posted.Watch streaming online poker play powered by TwitchTV right here on the 22 Forums.Wasnt it like 110k when tonka won it last year?Jannibarzul, 10:11 AM # 43 Delbertt enthusiast Join Date: Jun 2009 Posts: 94 Re: Lex Veldhuis Lex's stream is the best out there by a mile, when he shows his emotions on the big pots can be pretty funny!It's not a matter if Lex will take over the #1 Twitch poker streamer spot, but just a matter of when.I know poker well and can assure you that Lext is just god awful.
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He also never 3bets lotto 6 aus 45 archiv less than a premo and constantly overshoves and doesnt know proper 4bt sizing.
Lex is going to lose over 30k if hes not smart enough to move down.
He also reshoves 80 big blinds countless times to "isolate a bounty" then thinks hes unlucky when someone "wakes up behind" and his K10 is dead to 3 outs.He just totaly gambles early stages to run up a stack or bust.Was first place really 55k?Did any of you guys see how bad he played hu in the thrilla?He really is terrible and is nothing but a stone cold degenerate.He was open limping 10-4 and j4 on buttons and checking behind 883 flops.I think hes worse than Carver and thats tough to say.He literally suckedout a ton in everygame he won, and ill list one example.So negative EV there virtually calling off your tourney life when you know you are behind to pickup a min bounty.Everyone folded to Lex in the Big blind and he called with Q10 thinking it was standard and it was half his remaining stack.Lex is a giant fish.His style is losing poker and longterm hes toast.The actual chipstack is worth way more and he doent get.