Xiong bing lian wiki

Dian Fen Amylum Starch Dian Qie Cao Herba Belladonnae Belladonna Herb Anticholinergics.
Zhen Zhu Gan Caulis Rubi Idaei Stem of Red And Yellow Garden Raspberry Zhen Zhu Mu Concha Margaritifera Usta;Margarita Nacre.
To reduce fire and release toxins Huang Bi Cortex Phellodendri Bark of Amur Corktree For clearing heat and eliminating dampness Huang Gou Shen Testis Et Penis Canis Familiaris Dog Testis To tonify the kidneys and strengthen yang Huang Hao Herba Artemisiae Annuae All-Grass of Sweet.Inhibiting sarcoma and cervix carcinoma in mice and cells isolated from human liver cancer;.Chi Shi Zhi Halloysitum Rubrum Red Halloysite To astringe the intestines, to arrest bleeding, and to promote spielhalle für kinder hildesheim the growth of new tissues.To moisten intestines and move feces Dong Ling Cao Herba Rabdosiae Rubescentis All-Grass of Blushred Rabdosia To clear heat and toxic material, nourish yin, remove blood stasis and relieve niedersachsen lotto bingo aktuell swelling.Lou Gu Gryllotalpa Mole Cricket For promoting diuresis and dissolving inflammation Lou Lu Radix Rhapontici Uniflower Swisscentaury Root To remove toxic heat for treating subcutaneous infections, to promote lactation, and to relieve muscular contracture.Chan Su Venenum Bufonis Toad Venom To counteract toxicity, to relieve pain, and to restore consciousness.Ce Bai Ye Cacumen Et Folium Biotae Leafy Twigs of Oriental Arborvitae To arrest bleeding by removing heat from blood, and to promote the growth of black hair.Jie Gu Mu Ramulus Sambuci Williamsii Twig of Williams Elder For dispelling wind-dampness and strengthening muscle and bone Jie Sui Herba Schizonepetae All-Grass of Fineleaf Schizonepeta To induce diaphoresis, to dispel wind, and to promote eruptions.Xu Duan Radix Dipsaci Himalayan Teasel Root For tonifying yang Xuan Fu Hua Flos Inulae Inula Flower To relieve cough, eliminate phlegm, promote diuresis, and arrest vomiting.To transform dampness and promote water metabolism.Beijing Glorious Animation.
Shan Yang Xue Sanguis Naemorhedi Blood of Sheep Shan Yao Rhizoma Dioscoreae Common Yam Rhizome To replenish the spleen and stomach, to promote fluid secretion and benefit the lung, and to strengthen the kidney and restrain seminal discharge.
Hei Zhong Cao Semen Nigellae Fennelflower Seed To replenish the kidney and benefit the brain, to stimulate menstruation, to promote the flow of milk, and to induce diuresis.
To dispel toxins and disperse nodules Bai Jiang Cao Herba Patriniae All-Grass of Dahurian Patrinia.Chuan Huang Lian Rhizoma Coptidis Rhizome of Chinese Goldthread To remove damp-heat, quench fire and counteract toxicity.Yu Xing wahrheit oder pflicht kartenspiel Cao Herba Houttuyniae All-Grass of Heartleaf Houttuynia To remove toxic heat, to promote the drainage of pus, and to relieve dysuria.Zhen Zhu Cai Herba Lysimachiae Clethroidis Root Or All-Grass of Clethra Loosestrife Its flavones inhibiting various kinds of sarcoma in animals and leukemia in mice.To clear heat and dry dampness;.Mu Li Concha Ostreae Oyster Shell To nourish yin and subdue the overflowing of yang, to induce sedation, to soften hard masses and eliminate modulation, and to arrest discharges.To dispel toxins;.Ya Hu Mu Herba Cissampelotis Common Cissampelos Herb To promote the subsidence of swelling, and relieve pain, to arrest bleeding, and to promote the growth of new tissues.Zhi Hong Qi Radix Hedysari Praeparata Prepared Manyinflorescenced Sweetvetch Root To reinforce qi and strengthen the superficial resistance, to promote diuresis Zhi Hou Po Magnoliae Officinalis Praeparata Prepared Bark of Officinal Magnolia To eliminate damp and relieve distension.

Shu Jiao Pericarpium Zanthoxyli Pricklyash Peel To warm the spleen and the stomach and relieve pain, to kill worms, and to relieve itching.